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Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire
Watercolor, colored pencil, collage
22"x 28"

I can only take partial credit for this beauty. My (ex) wife and
I met Reba McEntire briefly after a performance she gave in Knoxville
with the Statler Bros.. Reba was a rising star, soon the Statler Bros. would be somewhere distant in her rear view mirrors as she rocketed up in the country music world. She was very kind, friendly and we chatted
for awhile in her touring bus. She was looking to find something she
could use for a 'Fan Fair' event in Nashville.
In the following weeks, I went off to do sets/backdrops for a Miss Universe pageant somewhere in Florida. Claudia stayed home and came up with this marvelous quilt backdrop idea. When I came home I added the Cowboy hat, mountain range, rose and calligraphy.
Later, tragically, one of Reba's planes went down while on tour, people perished, and our brush with the big time went bust and the idea was never used. Well, that's show business.
Sadly, our marriage drifted apart, and we officially parted ways in 1987. So, with some regrets, I dedicate this to a tremendous artist and person, Claudia J. Denton, RIP 1957-2015.