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Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh)
Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh)
Acrylic on canvas
4'x 6'

The Hanoi Hilton, feature film, 1987
This was the welcoming sign to the Hanoi Hilton prison compound.
As I stated before, painting style meant to duplicate rough
often bad paintings by traveling university art students who
scrapped together materials to paint propaganda signage for
locals and N. Vietnamese army.
A little backstory on this painting. The day the film company
shot the scenes which included this painting, the Vietnamese extras started a commotion and became visibly upset and began waving their arms and screaming.
As it turned out,the Vietnamese interpreter that was assigned to the
film was apparently not paying attention when I showed her the roughs for this painting. There was a word or phrase misspelled and it
infuriated the extras. I was called down to the set by the director
to fix it immediately, as the camera crew was readying for the opening shot.
I had to grab a ladder, brush and paint and get up to the painting.
While being coached by several extras, I made quick changes. There was a huge sigh of relief from the crowd as I finished up. To this day, I have no idea what the problem was, no one fully explained.