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Yeah...it's a picture of me....not vanity...really.
I'm just happy to be alive after all that has happened
in the last several years.
From 1983-1996 I worked primarily as a freelance artist in the film industry. I wore a number of hats; Art Director, Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Decorator, common painter with Jackson Pollock splattered jeans, Carpenter, Graphic Designs, etc.
It was a rumble tumble livestyle...scary, stressful, inspiring, competitive and yet incredibly rewarding. All of my skills were tested and honed. I did things that I would have never imagined in art school. As much as I wanted to be a feted college professor, in many ways I'm glad it never happened. I was fortunate to have the skills to match the many tasks given me. I worked on Feature Films, Television Specials and Movies, National Commercials, Music Videos and a number of Theater Projects. I was fortunate to work with many very talented professionals.

This photo is from the late 1980's; fast, stressful, challenged
both by work and moving about in the street. Here I am in my prime (ha) living in Santa Monica near the college, sharing a little house (with pool) with great San Antonio, Texas gal...Barbara Jean Walker...RIP, 1949-2007.
At the time, living large and fast and most of it was good.
Miss old friends and the camaraderie of the film business.
Taken with my old set instant polaroid, which someone borrowed
and i never got it back.
I am still building this website; so more to come as i scan
old images from my ancient portfolio. Ciao.