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Der Teddybar - 1985
Der Teddybar - 1985
Original Design

'Der Teddybar' - 1985
Production Designer - Scenic Artist
Scaled down for children to purchase Christmas gifts.

I sent an original 'color elevation' drawing to the
studio, and the talented carpenters constructed it without
blueprints. Several weeks later, my (ex) wife and I
traveled to Tampa to complete the painting and details of the
project before it was installed in the nearby mall.
I designed this Christmas Extravaganza for Tampa Bay Scenic Studios, which I am sure no longer exists. However the entire
construction was sold to the Tampa Bay Mall, Tampa, Fl.
And Eddie...I still know you live
somewhere in Tampa!!

THEN....then, without my knowledge or approval or any
consideration of my legal rights as designer, my idea
along with all of the details, including original LOGO
and signage all was somehow sucked up/vacuumed up by
the Walt Disney Corporation from the Tampa Bay Mall.
My original idea and all of its details NOW resides at Epcot
Center. Yes, Disney's EPCOT CENTER in Orlando. All these years,
making a profit based upon my ideas.
One day while scanning the internet; casually looking at
the website for Epcot Center---Wow...suddenly 'Der Teddybar'
suddenly caught my eye....are you kidding me!!!!??????
What the hell....
Is there a young smart lawyer out there that wishes to
take a nice cut of a law suit against Disney??