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EW-James R. Lewis calligraphy
EW-James R. Lewis calligraphy
Acrylic on Illustration board
16"x 20"

Beautiful letters by Master Calligrapher James R. Lewis, Stockton, CA

Mr. Lewis was my one and only calligraphy teacher, he was one of the best instructors that I encountered in all my years in academia.
Shortly after my short stint in the military, I enrolled at San Joaquin Delta College in 1971. At the time I was more interested in drawing, printmaking and photography classes. I have to admit that I was a pretty poor student in his lettering class, also lazy with a bad attendance record. He should have failed me for my unremarkable efforts.

Mr. Lewis grew up in the Bakersfield area, and attended local schools. He began taking art classes at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, and then at grad school at Stanford University.
He had hundreds of students over the years; I can think of two that certainly grasped the lettering brush/Osmiroid pen and made a real name for themselves as gifted calligraphers; namely Dennis Droge and Rick Cusick. If there are others, I apologize here for my unfamiliarity.

For myself, this brief encounter with Mr. Lewis got me into many doors, especially in Hollywood. Lettering and calligraphy were incredible assets for me as I encountered a myriad of projects over the years.