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Bad Channels - KDUL Radio Station
Bad Channels - KDUL Radio Station

Bad Channels - Straight to video cheesy tongue-in-cheek creepy alien 'B' movie.
Inspired by a nightmare or night of bad hair or a bag of bad cliches and then slapdash produced by Charlie Band of Full Moon Productions and written by my old Texas pal,
Jack Canson and his wife, Nancy Barr...starring Martha Quinn, the former MTV VJ host with music by Blue Oyster Cult.
I designed the sets, curtains, turntable furniture and interior/exterior
signage for this film. Original/duplicated 50's Polka Albums adorning walls provided by a member of Art dept. In a Hollywood Reporter review; critic wasn't too thrilled about the film itself, but was very impressed by the old 'Polka turned Rock' radio station we had uncovered/rediscovered to use for a set. That was a nice compliment, seeing that it was all designed/constructed and thrown together on a small soundstage in Culver City.
But to put this 'B' for bomb straight to video extravaganza in proper perspective, another critic gave this film a minus 39 and opined...'Who could ask for anything more from a film besides a bag to throw up in? "Bad Channels" is truly something awful...' I thought for what we had to work with the ART dept had done a pretty good job. However, I was never hired again by the Charles Band company.