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The Doors - Refrigerator
The Doors - Refrigerator

One day, got a call, out of the blue from Cricket Rowland. She's was the Decorator on the feature film, 'The Doors'. She had a refrigerator that was going to be a 'hero' thing in the music studio scene. I had just finished painting a large canvas of 'St.George and the Dragon', on another film. Cricket was stressed, she needed the fridge, like tomorrow. She had her crew deliver the refrigerator to my location. So I thought...The Doors....'Break on through to the other side...'and...'People are strange when you're a stranger faces look ugly when you're alone women seem wicked when you're unwanted...' Then I remembered, nostalgically, riding in my friend's convertible 356 Porsche, in 1967, near Haight-Ashbury listening to 'Light My Fire.' In his writing, Morrison talked about 'Doors of perception', well that's not Morrison, that's Blake. Yeah, 'the' William Blake... So, I tried to do some tripped hippy psychedelic induced images a la Blake and throw in some quotes (in French) from old Arthur Rimbaud. I'd like to have that old fridge now...anybody know where it is?