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Ray Charles
Ray Charles

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz;
Yeah, I know. I didn't take the picture and had nothing to do with the set.
BUT....indulge me for a minute, and let me tell the backstory.
It is another one of those....one day the phone rang...yeah
and it was Annie Leibovitz....when she said her name...I'm not trying to
be a drama queen...I was floored. Why would she call me?
Anyway...she said that I had been highly recommended...and could I get my
ass down to Hollywood...to her studio and help out? She explained that
Ray Charles is coming in for a shoot...and I don't know what to do, can you help?
Give me the directions...and I bolted for the door. Wow!
Anyway, anyone who has lived or breathed in L.A. knows how horrible traffic can be...ALL OF THE TIME. But nonetheless, I got there...however, as she explained, 'I threw stuff together and took the shot, and he just left.' I was disappointed, who wouldn't be. But I did get to sit for a spell with Annie, and coffee and show her my portfolio.